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  • The ValueBuilder™ System

    The ValueBuilder™ System marketing materials available to Certified Value Builders

    ValueBuilder™ System

    A statistically proven methodology for increasing the value of your company... learn more...

  • Financial Analytics

    We measure the performance and progress of the business internally and how it compares to its competitors and others in the same industry.

    Financial Analytics

    Unlease the financial knowledge locked inside accounting systems... learn more...

  • Consultation Plans

    Contact us for more details.

    Consultation Plans
  • Other Services

    Buying and selling businesses.

    Other Services
The ValueBuilder™ System Financial Analytics Consultation Plans Other Services
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catalyst    kæt’Ÿ(ə)Ÿləst    noun    1. An agent that causes, accelerates, or compels action or change garnering exponential results at a faster rate or under different conditions than otherwise possible. 2. Something that precipitates, stimulates, or provokes significant change or action. 3.Chem. A substance, usually used in small amounts relative to the reactants, that modifies and increases the rate of a reaction….

Catalyst Corporate Counselors is a team of management professionals with expertise in strategic analysis and comprehensive planning for sustainable business growth and corporate value enhancement…. We make businesses healthier, stronger, and more valuable.

Timothy Cunha, J.D. is the founder and owner of Catalyst Corporate Counselors. He employs technical resources and coordinates professional consultants in providing comprehensive services custom-tailored to the particular needs of each client. He earned his juris doctorate at Georgetown University, is a member of the New Jersey Bar (retired), is a former university professor of business, and has extensive experience as an entrepreneur in various fields. Read more... 

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Catalyst Corporate Counselors serves clients in the greater San Francisco Bay metropolitan area … and worldwide.

Catalyst Corporate Counselors utilize various analysis and planning tools to assess the strengths, vulnerabilities, opportunities, and challenges facing its clients, and develops dynamic concrete strategic and tactical plans, procedures, and processes designed to increase the prosperity and sustainability of the enterprise and to aggressively build its real market value.

Two of the methodologies used are The Value Builder System™ and a sophisticated Financial Analytics tool:
The ValueBuilder™ System
We employ this statistically proven system for increasing the value of a business enterprise.  The system involves monthly consultations over a 12-month cycle examining all aspects of operations, management, marketing, finance, human resources, etc.  Timothy Cunha is extensively trained in the system and is a Certified ValueBuilder (CVB), one of only a few dozen worldwide.

Financial Analytics
We conduct periodic in-depth analysis of current and historic financial data and generate detailed metrics of performance relating to the business itself and comparing the business to its industry, regionally, nationally, and globally.   We measure the performance and progress of the business internally and how it compares to its competitors and others in the same industry.  It serves as an indispensable “early warning system” for both threats and opportunities. 

Consultation Plans --- Contact us for details

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